Charlie Hustle

a thesis short by Kyle Moy
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Work In Progress stuff

turntables of models and animation/lighting tests

special thanks to ellen su for modeling/designing charlie and eunju hyun for lighting

this is my current 3d previs for “Charlie Hustle”. Changes will be made in the next couple of weeks but the majority of it feels decent enough to upload/share.

This is a logo for the pitcher’s team: “Head Hunters”. The design is created by my awesome friend and graphic design extrardinairre Ben Rosati. Also the name of the evil pitcher is no longer "LeBoss" but"Sniper" If you guys have any other suggestions on the name shoot me a comment. lol, that was corny.

a newer animatic

Trading Cards FTW

environment concept of the stadium inspired by fenway parks green monster and yankee stadium facade. still deciding if i want to make it look like construction paper.

charlie watching tv

Concept by the amazing Ellen Su

Concept by the amazing Ellen Su

living room wip by me

Concept by Dan Solomon

here is a rough board-o-matic to get the idea down and the story across

This is my main character/protagonist: Charlie “Hustle” Ng (charlie hustle-ing).  He is a young lad that just has a pure love for the game of baseball.  He gets caught up in the moment very easily.  At first he might be easily intimidated but he quickly overcomes his fears and will take on any challenge.  Charlie Hustle is a nickname Peter Rose received for his intensity when playing the game of baseball and for running full speed to first base on a walk.

Character design by Ellen Su

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